Funeralocity Featured on Miami WSVN-7 Newscast

Miami, FL, December 14, 2021 – As part of its ongoing efforts to provide valuable insights and resources to its clients and the wider community, consumer website conducted research into the low application rate for the FEMA funeral reimbursement program in South Florida.

According to its findings, only 41 percent of qualifying South Florida residents have applied for the program, which provides financial assistance to families who have lost a loved one to COVID-19. This is concerning, as it suggests that many eligible families may not be aware of the financial assistance available to them.

To shed light on the issue and offer guidance to those who may be eligible for the program, Ed Michael Reggie, founder of, was interviewed by WSVN, Miami’s top-rated news station. Reggie highlighted that the program is open to all families who have suffered a COVID-related loss, regardless of income level. This is an important point, as many families may be unaware that they are eligible for the benefits.

The FEMA funeral reimbursement program covers the cost of funeral services, including the casket and burial expenses as well as cremation, urn and funeral services up to $9,000. This financial assistance can help alleviate the burden of funeral costs, which can be a significant financial strain for families already grappling with the emotional toll of losing a loved one.

Reggie provided valuable insights into the claims process, advising families to gather all necessary documentation, such as the death certificate, funeral expense receipts, and proof of any assistance received from other sources, such as life insurance. He also emphasized the importance of starting the claims process as soon as possible, and provided tips on how families can save money on funeral costs.

As a company dedicated to providing transparency and choice in the funeral industry, supports initiatives that provide financial relief to families during times of grief. It encourages eligible families in South Florida and across the country to take advantage of the FEMA funeral reimbursement program, and to reach out to its team for guidance and support in navigating the claims process.

Through its commitment to empower families with the resources and information they need to make informed decisions, aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those it serves. was a Future Factory startup.

Clinical Research Firms purchased by Elligo Health

AUSTIN, TX, September 24, 2021 – Elligo Health Research has announced the acquisition of research practice management and clinical services firm ClinEdge in a $135 million transaction.  The acquisition also includes GuideStar Research and BTC of New Bedford.  The acquisition is expected to result in a large end-to-end healthcare-enabling research firm.

“This is another tremendous milestone in the evolution of GuideStar Research as a leading clinical trials research organization,” says Future Factory Managing Director Kristin Hutchins.  Ms. Hutchins, who served earlier as President and CEO of GuideStar Research, sees tremendous opportunity in the integration of these companies.  “The combination of each of these companies’ experience and skill sets will provide great opportunities to streamline the clinical research process from beginning to end and ultimately increase patient’s access to clinical trials.”

Kristin Hutchins is Honored for 25 Years at Future Factory

NEW ORLEANS, June 1, 2021 – Kristin Hutchins was recently honored for her 25 years in management of Future Factory portfolio companies.  During this time, Kristin has served in executive management roles in Future Factory’s invested firms, leveraging her expertise in healthcare and technology.  Kristin has worn many different hats from board member to chief executive officer. Ed Michael Reggie, Managing Director of Future Factory, praised Kristin for her leadership, strong managerial ability, and strategic thinking that has contributed to the successes of the portfolio companies.  “We depend on Kristin for her operational leadership, employee development skills, and her commitment to excellence.  She is held in the highest esteem by our team and within our invested companies.”  

Kristin began her career with Future Factory by rising through the ranks at American LIFECARE, the largest independent Preferred Provider Organization in the Gulf South region.  She ultimately became President where she was responsible for the entire operations of the company including network development and provider relations, marketing, claims, customer service, medical management, and information systems.  She led the team in negotiating the sale of American LIFECARE to Private Healthcare Systems, now part of MultiPlan (NYSE: MPLN).

Kristin later was appointed a board member representing Future Factory’s seed investment in a Seattle-based physician software company. In addition, she worked with Louisiana Fund One in screening life science companies and inventions for possible investment.  

Kristin served as President and Chief Executive Officer of GuideStar Research, a clinical trials management company focused on the development and management of clinical research programs for hospitals, academic medical centers, and physician practices. Ms. Hutchins led the efforts towards building a company that earned national recognition and credibility as a top service provider in the clinical research and health care industries. GuideStar was sold to ClinEdge, now an Elligo Health company.  

Most recently, Ms. Hutchins has been involved with applying her healthcare expertise towards the development of a consumer advocacy website for end-of- life services and the first comparison website for funeral homes in the US. Her skills have led to the creation of a preferred provider network that is credentialed with best practices honed by her healthcare experience. 

Scripps National Media profiles

CINCINATTI, OH, August 25, 2020 – Scripps National Media, one of the largest TV station groups with 55 network affiliates spread over the country, profiled in a lengthy story highlighted by an interview with the site’s founder and consumer advocate Ed Michael Reggie. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Reggie shared important information about pricing funeral costs, observing social distancing guidelines and tips on choosing the right funeral home or crematory.