Ed Michael Reggie Serves as Finalist Judge for Tulane Business Model Competition

New Orleans, LA – Future Factory Managing Director Ed Michael Reggie served as a judge to select the winner of the 2015 Tulane Business Model Competition, the flagship entrepreneurship event for Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School of Business.
The Tulane Business Model Competition, an annual presentation of the Albert Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, awards over $37,500 in cash to high-potential early stage ventures that demonstrate a market-tested ability to adapt to customer needs. More than 50 ventures from across the U.S. applied to participate in this year’s competition. Read more

GuideStar® SVP Leads Webinar on Managing Clinical Research Programs

Deerfield, IL – GuideStar Clinical Trials Management and Bio-Optronics recently co-sponsored a webinar about how to manage a research program as a successful business. GuideStar’s Senior Vice President of Research Operations, Dr. Rhonda Paz, led the presentation and shared best practices based on more than 25 years of leadership experience in clinical research. Read more

GuideStar® Survey Finds Community Hospitals Not Capitalizing on Clinical Research Trials

First-of-its-kind Survey Shows Trials can Increase Revenue, Community Prestige and Physician Recruitment

Deerfield, IL – Although the number of clinical trials has grown over the past two decades, community hospitals generally haven’t capitalized on clinical trial programs to help them generate revenues, enhance community prestige or recruit and retain physicians, according to a survey of clinical research professionals and hospital executives. Read more

Future Factory Managing Director, Ed Michael Reggie, Has Paper on the CRO Industry Presented at MBAA International Conference

Chicago, IL – Dr. Maysoun Dimachkie Masri presented a paper entitled “Contract Research Organizations: An Industry Analysis” at the March, 2012 annual conference of the MBAA International in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Dimachkie Masri, Bernardo Ramirez, M.D., Cristina Popescu, and GuideStar Clinical Trials Management Chairman Ed Michael Reggie co-authored the paper, which has been published as a White Paper on the GuideStar website. Read more