March 15, 2023 Kristin Hutchins

Funeralocity Issues The Funeralocity Manifesto

National, March 15, 2023 –, the consumer advocate platform for funeral planning, has published The Funeralocity Manifesto. This manifesto outlines the company’s mission to assist families in times of grief and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about funeral planning.

One of the main issues addressed in the manifesto is the high cost of funerals in the US. Funeralocity notes that funeral costs have consistently exceeded the Consumer Price Index for many years, making it the fifth most expensive purchase for the average American after a home, college education, wedding, and automobile. The manifesto emphasizes the importance of transparency in funeral pricing and aims to empower consumers by providing free access to pricing information for every cremation and funeral provider in the US.

The Funeralocity Manifesto also advocates for the quality of services provided by funeral homes and cremation providers. The company has established strict quality standards and credentials providers based on feedback received from consumers and end-of-life healthcare providers. Funeralocity also recognizes the top 10% of funeral homes and cremation providers in the US through their Best in America Awards.

In addition to providing pricing and quality information, Funeralocity encourages individuals to plan their own funerals in advance. The manifesto notes that this can reduce stress and prevent overspending during a time of grief. To support this, Funeralocity has created a Resource Center that provides guidance on funeral planning, terminology, and grief resources.

Funeralocity’s commitment to the end-of-life healthcare community is also highlighted in the manifesto. The company has created a separate Hospice Portal with information tailored to the profession. They believe that the continuum of care should extend beyond hospice care and include a compassionate and fitting celebration of a person’s life.

Environmental impact is another issue addressed in The Funeralocity Manifesto. The funeral industry can have a negative impact on the environment, and Funeralocity believes it has a responsibility to inform consumers about the options for green funerals. The company is also committed to being carbon-negative and has partnered with Trees for the Future to support reforestation efforts and offset carbon.

Overall, The Funeralocity Manifesto is a comprehensive statement of Funeralocity’s commitment to empowering families during a difficult time and providing them with the resources they need to make informed decisions about funeral planning. With its focus on transparency, quality, and sustainability, Funeralocity is leading the way in transforming the funeral industry. was a Future Factory startup.