September 3, 2008 admin

Future Factory implements Green Policy

New Orleans, LA — Future Factory has released a Policy Statement outlining its initiatives related to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The statement addresses various ways that Future Factory and its employees are striving to promote environmental awareness and preserving natural resources.

“While it doesn’t seem immediately obvious that a venture capital firm could have a significant impact on the environment, it remains important that all of us take a step back and look how we can reduce our consumption of natural resources and conduct our business in a more environmentally friendly way,” says Kristin Hutchins, Future Factory Managing Director.

Future Factory’s initiatives include:

  • implementing an office-wide recycling program;
  • reducing paper usage through policies against printing Web pages and emails, and creating an online phone directory;
  • promoting public transportation by subsidizing employee’s usage
  • adopting a telecommuting policy; and
  • offering funding preference to companies that value good corporate citizenship and environmentally responsible behavior.

Future Factory is a venture capital firm with offices in Atlanta and New Orleans.