May 21, 2020 Kristin Hutchins

Funeralocity Founder Interviewed by THE CITY about the Impact of Coronavirus

NEW YORK, May 21, 2020 – New York publication THE CITY talked to founder Ed Michael Reggie about how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted the pricing of funeral services in the city. Unprecedented demand for funeral services in the New York City area has caused costs to soar. Prices for cremations, the most commonly requested service right now, have increased an average of 43%. Prices have also increased for traditional burials.

The New York City health department reported 32,000 fatalities from March 11 to May 2 — four times more deaths than the city’s normally expected figure. This unparalleled need for funeral services and the extra expense incurred by funeral homes in order to provide services safely has contributed to the increase in prices.

“No other region is indicating this kind of instability,” Reggie said. For grieving families, in addition to the higher cost, finding a funeral home that will take on a body can be a challenge. “In many instances, people are having to go to cemeteries outside of their immediate area, thus incurring additional transportation expenses,” he continued.