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Ed Michael Reggie Receives Williston Northampton’s Ward Medal, Advocates a Venture Capital Approach to Philanthropy

New Orleans, LA – Ed Michael Reggie, Managing Director, Future Factory, was recently presented Williston Northampton School’s Ward Medal in recognition of his philanthropic efforts. Speaking at Reunion Weekend, he called on students, alumni and leadership to help build a better society by viewing philanthropy as driven by venture capital principles.

“Philanthropy should follow the lead of venture capital and insist on results and reliable metrics so that transformational change can be achieved,” Reggie explained.

He told the audience to focus on the idea of giving as a voluntary act of generosity, not the paying off of some imaginary debt to simply do good. “Don’t give back, give forward,” Reggie said. “Invest in sustainable improvement, without regard for the boundaries of ‘charitable giving. Look for results. The outcome is what matters, so aim for catalytic change to improve lives,” he added.

“Ed Michael exemplifies the ideals of the Ward Medal, which recognizes outstanding humanitarian service and volunteerism,” said Head of School, Robert W. Hill III. “His commitment to purposeful giving and helping others is an inspiration to our whole community,” he added. Williston Northampton School is an Easthampton, MA, boarding school for middle and upper school students from the U.S. and other countries.

Reggie’s community and charitable involvement is driven by his love of business. His work centers around organizations devoted to innovation, business growth and financial inclusion. He has been a delegate to trade missions in Rome and Hong Kong by the Academy of International Health Studies and serves or has served on boards of many organizations that advance these values. These include the New Orleans BioInnovation Center, a wet lab incubator; Freedom from Hunger, a non-profit that brings innovative, sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty; and Women’s Health Access fund, an innovative microfinance investment vehicle.

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