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Future Factory Managing Director, Ed Michael Reggie, Has Paper on the CRO Industry Presented at MBAA International Conference

Chicago, IL – Dr. Maysoun Dimachkie Masri presented a paper entitled “Contract Research Organizations: An Industry Analysis” at the March, 2012 annual conference of the MBAA International in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Dimachkie Masri, Bernardo Ramirez, M.D., Cristina Popescu, and GuideStar Clinical Trials Management Chairman Ed Michael Reggie co-authored the paper, which has been published as a White Paper on the GuideStar website.

U.S. pharmaceutical companies outsource research activities to contract research organizations (CROs) to increase their profit margins and better position themselves in the rapidly-changing healthcare environment. In this white paper, the authors explore the evolution of the CRO industry in the United States and worldwide, and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of CRO globalization in recent years.

“Co-authoring this white paper gave us the opportunity to really examine the current and future roles CROs play in the clinical research industry and bringing drugs to market,” said Ed Michael Reggie. “This paper provides insightful information that can be of value to organizations conducting clinical research as they plan their strategies for partnerships and growth.”

The MBAA International describes itself as “A collegial organization welcoming academics and practitioners interested in applying scholarly research to today’s business challenges.” The MBAA International is a coordinating body for autonomous groups in a variety of business-related academic areas. Eleven formal tracks and over 800 active members constitute The MBAA International. These organizations represent a variety of disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, health administration, information systems, business society and government, international business, legal studies, management, marketing, operations management and entrepreneurship, and case studies.

The MBAA International has returned to Chicago for its annual meeting since 1978. In recent years the three day conference has attracted about 800 participants, from dozens of foreign countries and all 50 states. Participants represent large and small, public and private institutions.

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